Welcome to the Volunteers’ page! Below are some guidelines and what we expect of our star volunteers!

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Want to volunteer, but you are under 16? We are looking for young  volunteers to hold our flags, banners and Lady Sakina’s (a.s) lanterns. Sign up now if you are interested.

What does a Volunteer do?

We need your help before the Procession as much as we do on the day! This includes planning, organising, creating and spreading the word! Check out our social media sites and scroll down to take a look at our teams.

What is expected of Volunteers?

It’s simple – all volunteers, regardless of age, gender or team – are expected to remain professional, calm and diligent at all times!

Please remember to stay alert of your duties, keep your eyes and ears peeled for potential threats and to be respectful and polite to attendees.

All volunteers must be dressed appropriately.

  • Plain, loose and black clothing only
  • Observe hijaab at all times (girls and boys!)
  • Weather-appropriate clothing! Bring gloves/coats/suitable shoes as you will be on your feet and outside all day!
  • It will be dark by the time the Procession is nearing it’s end. Bring a torch if you can!


Keeping the procession in one lane using the ropes and making sure it has clear and safe passage on and off the road at start and finish


Situated outside the Procession. responsible for ensuring attendees are within the procession and not out, especially on the green verges (which must be kept clean and clear!)

Flow Control

Making sure that the Procession is moving at a safe and steady pace with no gaps in between

Information & Education

Communicating with the public and answering questions about who we are and why we’re there


To carry and hold the portable speakers through the Procession and during prayers/speeches


Responsible for signing in/out and assigning radios, placards, banners, alams and megaphones. Also responsible for removing any political/inappropriate posters, signs etc.


taking care of Zuljana and making sure he (and those around him!) are safe

Distribution (tabbarukh)

Tetting up Tabbarukh (food/drink) stations and distributing to all attendees quickly and efficiently


Keeping the lanterns of Lady Sakina (عليه السلام) alight and watching over them and the children carrying them


Stewards are team leaders responsible for the various departments and teams of the Procession. Volunteers are expected to follow the instructions of these dedicated and responsible individuals. Volunteers who are interested in becoming Stewards should contact a Senior Steward (member of the core team).

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Under 16s

We like to encourage the younger members of our community to get involved with spreading the message of the Ahlulbayt. We are always looking for eager boys and girls to hold alams, flags and carry the lanterns of Lady Sakina (عليه السلام).

If you are interested in becoming one of these volunteers, get an adult to sign you up using our special Under 16s form.